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EXTRAMEL M   : Nutrition

EXTRAMEL M   are concentrated melon juice microencapsulated in a vegetal coating. EXTRAMEL M   are guaranteed for their Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) content. 

The microgranules also contain other ingredients which compose the antioxidant cocktail naturally found in the melon's pulp (catalase, glutathione, vitamins, caratenoids, selenium, etc…).

EXTRAMEL M   are available for human consumption as an active ingredient for nutritional supplements and functional foods.

Main properties :
  •  100 % active vegetal

  • Water insoluble powder, the SOD is heat sensitive (> 40 °C )

  • Microencapsulated and protected to ensure the SOD’s bio-availability

  • A high level of SOD (guaranteed : 14,000 IU/gram of product)

  • Guaranteed completely traceable from seed to the final product

  • Supported by numerous studies (technical documentation available upon request)

  • Numerous potential uses as an active antioxidant, rich in SOD 

  •  Daily dosage : from 10 to 20 mg depending on use

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